Our mission is to contribute to the health of people and the earth by developing healthy foods, supplements or cosmetics through the reduction and extraction of plant ingredients, intestinal bacterial research, soil microbial research, DNA testing, etc. Please inquire about raw material development, product development, consultancy, OEM, etc.


The most important thing in developing healthy foods and supplements is balance. There are many treasured plants and microorganisms on the earth. However, no one thing it itself has any super power, but rather they are "forms" that exist in a deep and subtle balance. "Biological Diversity" means that the living things on the earth are a variety of complex and diverse ecosystems with a rich variety of life forms.

Each of them influences each other, establishes individual singularity and composes the balance of the earth, but that balance is greatly disrupted today.
The soil that nurtures medicinal herbs is also losing its original power, and the bacteria in our intestines that break down medicinal herbs are out of balance, so many people are unable to use medicinal herbs effectively.
In addition, there is an increase in the number of people with biased views and practices; and supplements, which should be developed using professional methods, are being developed and marketed by sellers who emphasize the benefits of a single ingredient.
These products are simply made to meet national standards, but there is a lack of professionalism on the part of the manufacturer to develop them in compromising the balance of nature.

In the natural world, each of us has a role to play as a cog in the wheel. As human beings, we exist with a mission, to fulfill the role we have been given. When we consider the "role" of each being in the natural world, it is time for us to approach everything around us with a little more equality, calmness and humility.
The future of health food development is not about profit, it's about the ability to develop ourselves and to talk to nature. We are here to help you develop safe and wholesome health products, and to help you develop better products by supporting you to use nature's gifts to their full potential through a variety of methods, including DNA testing.